About us

About Us

Our Company was established back in 2006. Chris was a visionary back then realizing the volatile market of Real Estate in Cyprus would bloom.

During the early years of Chris Tofi Real Estate Ltd, Chris established a very respectful name of himself. His main goal was always not only to provide to his customers, but to gain their trust us well.

“Trust” is the main motto Chris always uses when it comes down to business.

Our Mission

Firstly our objective is to get familiar with your request and visualize exactly what is that you are looking for. We will try to recreate your exact vision based on a series of questions, that will establish a clear idea on the Properties you actually need.

Our Portfolio handles a variety of properties, from investing opportunities to your potential future home. If you have any queries, our team will try to assist as best as they can.

In addition, our team of expertise works in full confidentiality. Whether you want to advertise your property, or just want to sell it while keeping a low profile, we are here to help you with all means necessary.

Therefore if you are looking for a friendly environment filled with professionals to assist you, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our Company always works the best way possible to ensure the benefits of their clients and gain their trust.

After all we managed to establish our name in the Real Estate industry of Cyprus and for that we are very proud off.

Disclaimer: These details are intended as a guide and do not form part of a contract. Buyers/Tenants should satisfy themselves as to any information contained there in. We can provide all documents for the properties to the potential Buyer/Tenant upon request before reaching to an agreement. Advertised properties do not have energy performance certificate.