Cyprus Permanent Residency


  • Regulation 6 (2) Permanent Residency Permit grants a Non-EU national the right to permanently reside in Cyprus with no renewal requirements;
  • Lifts traveling restrictions and elaborate visa requirements (i.e. Visitor’s Visa) across the EU, facilitating access to the Schengen zone;
  • Once granted, the Permanent Residency Permit covers the whole family. The main applicant and spouse, their parents and dependents up to the age (and including) 24 (who must be students, and cannot be working towards a professional degree i.e. PhD, lawyer, chartered accountant, medical doctor etc.);
  • Fast track application procedure – all applications are reviewed by the Civil Registry and Migration Department and the Ministry of Interior grants final approval within 2 months from the date of filing;
  • The application can be processed in the applicant’s absence and filed on their behalf;
  • Application for a Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit (PRP) can be the first step towards gaining Cyprus Citizenship;
  • If a Cyprus tax resident, the PRP holder is exempt from tax on worldwide dividends and interest income for a period of 17 years. In addition to this, a Cyprus tax resident is exempt from tax on gains on disposal of securities. This is the most attractive personal income tax regime in the entire onshore tax world;

Guidelines of how to get a Permanent Residency (PR) in Cyprus:

  • Period of examination would not exceed 2 months
  • Secured minimum annual income of Euro 30,000 from sources arising from abroad (additional Euro 5000 for each dependant)
  • Title Deed/contract of sale of an immovable property in Cyprus of a minimum market value of Euro 300,0000 (exclusive of VAT) – proof of payment of Euro 200,000 (exclusive of VAT) paid from sources abroad
  • Deposit of a minimum capital of Euro 30,000 in a Cyprus account for three years
  • Criminal Record certificate certified by a Cyprus Embassy
  • Statement that the applicant does not intend to work in Cyprus
  • Health Insurance

Successful applicants must visit Cyprus within the first year of the date of issuance of the permit and later the applicants should visit Cyprus once every two years. Dependants of the applicant can also obtain a Residence Permit.

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