Living in Cyprus – Mediterranean Paradise

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Living in Cyprus, the Mediterranean Paradise on Earth

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More than 230 days of sunshine through the whole year. Dry long summers from May to October, with temperatures rising up to 40+ degrees, is the perfect destination to step up your tanning game.


Moreover the island is the perfect fusion of all the surrounding Mediterranean countries. With great influences from Greece, Turkey and Lebanon, Cyprus offers a variety of activities. Such activities include live music, magnificent art galleries and even rally. You can rest assure that living in Cyprus, you will always find a place to enjoy yourselves.

Daily Life:

In addition you will have all the comforts available to your doorstep. Incredible healthcare system for both the private and business sector (gesy), an amazing education system on the private schools of the island, a very good transport system than runs from early in the morning up to 18:00.

All in all an amazing destination to live. Contact us today for more information to learn how to get all the privileges of living in Cyprus.


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